Platino Linear

Prima Power Platino Linear is the reliable and productive solution for cost effective 2D laser processing

The Prima Power Platino Linear is the latest addition to the 2D laser product range and results from the perfect balance between Prima Power expertise and European quality at an affordable investment and operating costs.

Platino Linear is an efficient and easy-to-use laser cutting system designed to process materials and shapes with high cutting quality and great reliability. It is a durable and long-lasting machine that delivers high-quality results thanks to its smart and sturdy design.

Utilising maintenance-free linear drive increases machine uptime compared to conventional drive systems, resulting in high productivity, especially when processing thin materials.

The Platino Linear is extremely cost-effective, with an unbeatable output per m2 in the category, best-in-class plug-in efficiency, and incredibly sustainable sheet utilization of up to 96%.

Its user-friendly interfaces provide straightforward operation and various smart features that enable effortless automation and connectivity.

Platino Linear is a modular solution that can be integrated with a wide range of automation modules for loading, unloading, picking, sorting, and stacking sheets and parts. Its modularity allows Platino Linear to evolve with your production by integrating different types of automation when required.

Prima Power Platino Linear Features

  • Efficient and easy-to-use laser cutting machine: the ideal affordable solution for the processing of any material and shape with high cutting quality and great reliability.
  • A maintenance-free linear drive enhances machine uptime, resulting in reduced operating costs due to high energy efficiency. This makes Platino Linear the ideal affordable solution for processing any material and shape.
  • Best-in-class throughput per square meter thanks to a reduced footprint by 22%.
  • Lower cost per part through gas savings of up to 40%, reduced energy consumption (+40% wall-plug efficiency), and up to 96% sheet utilization.
  • Because of the Prima Power modular design of automation, automation can be added at any time after the initial machine installation.
Tech data
Machine Type
Cutting Table Size
3048mm x 1524mm
Laser Power Range
2, 4, 6 and 8kW
Laser Type
Solid State Diode Fiber Laser
Maximum Positioning Speed
Combined X&Y Axis = 140m/min
***Over complete stroke0.03mm
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