EBe Express Bend

Servo-electric technology for better bending and improved operation economy

Prima Power servo-electric panel bender is based on a system that allows a high level of customisation to provide maximum productivity for the customer. The EBe bending operation cycle is fully automated: from the loading of the flat parts to unloading of your bent components.

EBe characteristics

  • Stack loading system with automated loading gripper based on suction cups
  • Loading operation is made during the bending cycle and the new panel is positioned in a standby position over the manipulator
  • An automatic conveyor unloads bent components to a free-roll table
  • Fully automated set-up between different components (with ATC option)

Some benefits:

  • Higher productivity and faster programming (compared with manual bending machines and robotized press brakes)
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Excellent component quality
  • Increased range of bending profiles
  • Electrical energy savings
  • Maintenance costs reduced
  • Low noise level
  • Reduced vibrations