Combi Sharp

Integrated punching and laser cutting at an affordable price.

Combi Sharp combines unbeatable punching performance with the latest in fiber laser cutting, expanding the productivity of the highly versatile integrated manufacturing concept to a new customer range. The optimized cutting head, collimator, transfer fiber and cutting parameters ensure a very high cutting quality up to 8mm material thickness.


Some highlights of the Combi Sharp

  • High productivity due to versatility –Punching, forming, marking, laser cutting – even bending; with the highest speeds available in the market
  • Compact layout even with the various automation modules which are available
  • The laser can also be used for cutting materials like copper or brass
  • Small power supply connection and very low energy consumption due to servo-electric punching and fiber laser cutting technologies
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • No laser gas required
  • High tooling capacity = fast setup and less waiting time
  • Highly modular design, add automation when production needs require it
Tech data
Machine Type
Sheet Size ( X / Y )
2530mm x 1270mm
Punching Force Tonnage
17, 20 or 23 tonnes
Punching Stroke
Servo Electric Motor
Tooling Capacity
Up to 200 at a time
Up to 3 clamps with CNC Programmable movement
Laser Source
Prima Electro CF Fiber Laser
Laser Power
CF1000 ( standard ) or CF3000 ( option )
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