LSR Loading and Sorting

The loading, unloading and stacking robot LSR is a material and part handling robot that can be integrated into the Combi Laser fiber laser punch combination.

The LSR loads sheets to the machine and stacks finished work pieces onto stacking pallets.

Loading and stacking robot LSR is available as 1530 and 1540 size. Both LSR1530 and LSR1540 have two different models – short and long model.

Features of LSR

  • Connection to Combi Laser CG
  • Skeleton unloading device (UD)
  • Sheet pre-positioning
  • Cassette change cycle will not stop the operations
  • Manipulator with programmable suction cup areas for to pick up the parts from the machine table
  • Short version = 3 pallets (1 for raw material, 1 for parts, 1 for skeleton)
  • Long version = 5 pallets (2 for raw material, 2 for parts, 1 for skeleton)